Marriage and the Family

Gay Marriage Essay

Gay Marriage There seem to be Specific time in history where certain issues define the culture tension in a society. They become representative of large worldview […]

Gay Marriage

Erin Krogstad Compare-Contrast Synthesis 10/11/2013 English 111x Gay Marriage Gay marriage is a topic that is heavily debated in this day and age. Whether or not […]

Kant and Gay Marriage Essays

Background All decisions we make are guided by an influenced belief or a maxim. A maxim is an individual rule that we use in our negotiations […]

Gay Marriage- A Controversial Topic

Those who oppose same-sex marriage believe that it is a sacred bond that can only be kept sacred between a man and a woman, and that […]

Reflective Paper on Gay Marriage

Two Suits or Two Dresses: It’s Still Love Shaka Ammons Introduction to Ethics and Social Responsibility Nadine Acevedo January 28, 2013 Today many people have their […]

The Legalization of Gay Marriage Essay

Ask any American what values founded this country and you will get very similar responses: Liberty, Freedom, or justice. These values are instilled in each American […]

Issue of Gay Marriage

The Issue of Gay Marriage Summary This essay debates the issue of same sex marriage in the United States. It considers the pros and cons and […]

Gay Marriage in America

Looking deep down to the region of United States, same-sex marriage or gay marriage has not been legalized and documented in most of its jurisdictions. However, […]

Gay Marriage Should Be Legalized

An upstanding citizen who pays their taxes, serves their community and abides by the law should be afforded the rights of an American. However, not all […]

Essay on Gay Marriage

“Men and women of full age, without limitation due to race, nationality or religion, have the right to marry and have a family” (The Universal Declaration […]

Gay Marriage Research Paper

It is rooted in our traditional Western values that marriage is intended to be between man and woman. The dictionary defines it as the social institution […]

The Feud Over Gay Marriage

This is the exact direction that our country is taking as we speak right now, with each state giving same-sex marriage a second thought, and most […]

Critical essay on gay marriage

To begin, I must admit that I approached David Blankenhorn’s book The Future of Marriage with some trepidation, as I know that he is against extending […]

The Gay Marriage Controversy Essays

Marriage has been an important part of life since the Biblical times. It usually consists of the union of a man and a woman, but for […]

Legalize Gay Marriage Essay

Same-Sex Marriage Should Be Legalized Just about everyone has an opinion on legally allowing same-sex couples to marry. The arguments range from personal beliefs to what […]

Gay Marriage Essay

A large majority of people in the United States will say that they are in favor of equal rights for homosexuals. They will all agree that […]

Essay on Gay Marriage

Gay marriage is a very talked about topic in are country that shouldn’t be ignored. I believe men and women should be able to love freely […]

Essay on Gay Marriage

Marriage is the legal or religious ceremony that formalizes the decision of two people to live as a married couple. Marriage should not be based on […]

The Tragedy of Gay Marriage

Sam Schulman’s “The Worst Thing About Gay Marriage” presents an interesting argument against gay marriage that hinges upon maintaining a traditional form of marriage. He actually […]

The Right to Marriage for the Gays Essay

The Constitution itself states, “No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor […]

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