It's a Party, It's a Party, It's a Party

Alcohol abuse is a major problem on most college campuses in America. Majority of college students might not think it is an enormous problem, but in […]


In 1865, four million Americans who were called slaves simply because they were born black, were now free with an expectation that they would enjoy all […]

Essay on The Strange Career of Jim Crow

The Strange Career of Jim Crow C. Vann Woodward’s book, The Strange Career of Jim Crow, has been hailed as a book which shaped our views […]

Jim Crow Laws

The problem with people is that many don’t like to see other ethical culture succeed. What people don’t know is that if that ethical group does […]

What are the most Difficult Obstacles to Black Progress in the Jim Crow South?

For Anne Moody, what were some of the most difficult obstacles to black progress—both within and outside of the African-American community—in the Jim Crow South? What […]

Little Crow Essay

The author of Little Crow: Spokesman for the Sioux, Gary Clayton Anderson, is a professor of history at the University of Oklahoma. He is also the […]

Essay The Strange Career of Jim Crow

The Jim Crow laws were local and state laws that were supposedly “separate but equal,” but instead blacks were inferior to the whites due that to […]

The New Jim Crow Essay example

The New Jim Crow Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness Revised Edition M I C H E L L E A L E X A […]

Crow Lake Essay

Isolation ? Myth or Fact Isolation, meaning a state of separation, is often misperceived by many as people frequently believe that isolation is always a negative […]

Jim Crow Laws Paper

About a hundred years after the Civil War, almost all American lived under the Jim Crow laws. The Jim Crow Laws actually legalized segregation. These racially […]

The Jim-Crow Era: An Omitted Era in American History

In a progressive society like the United States, looking to the past is common, to learn from our mistakes but some undeniable issues of the past […]

A Comparison of Violence in Living Jim Crow, Incident, and Blood burning moon

Violence in Living Jim Crow, Incident, and Blood burning moon Violence seems to be quite a common topic in black American literature of the first decades […]

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