Cyber Crime And Computer Related Crimes

When faced with problems as a computer forensics investigator you must be very flexible. There are many different types of computer related crimes in today’s society. […]

Cyber Attack Source Analysis

We the help of the web interface, we can easily query the database to get a quick overview of peaks in the data set that we […]

Cyber Security Is Protecting The Internet

Cyber Security is protection used as a defense to prevent unlawful access to information or to a computer system. When speaking in the realm of security […]

An Increase in the World's Technology Brings and Increase in Cyber Bullying

Cyber Bullying The increase in the world of technology comes with a horrific price. According to a non-profit organization for social revision, “eighty-one percent of adolescents […]

Cyber War : A New And Growing Realm Of Influence

Globalization spreads across the world connecting the people and states in ways little imagined. Cyber, a broad term, means various things to many individuals throughout international […]

Stochastic Game Models Within Cyber Security- A Survey

Stochastic game models in cyber security- a survey Kandethody Ramachandran and Zheni Stefanova University of South Florida Department of Mathematics and Statistics Tampa, FL 33620-5700 Abstract […]

US Intelligence Sees Cyber Threats Eclipsing Terrorism: An Analysis

Intelligence Sees Cyber Threats Eclipsing Terrorism The issue of security is no longer an aspect that easily definable or that can be controlled through traditional means. […]

Cyber Crime And The Internet

Over the last fifteen years the increase in technology and the use of computers in both personal and business sector has increased remarkably. New innovations, new […]

Threats of a Cyber Attack

In fact, we may be at zero hour. In order to better understand the challenges that cyber infrastructures are facing, it is necessary to understand the […]

The Eternal Effects of Cyber Bullying

Once upon a time the age of innocence in the adolescent years was filled with long walks by the pond, playing stickball, dress up, tea parties, […]

Cyber-Bullying Today

With the new age of technology many young adults have easier access to the web and social media than their past generations. “Over 80 percent of […]

Cyber Medi The Virtual War

Cyber-bulling: The Virtual War Bullying is a term that most of us recognize. We have either experienced it first hand or been a witness to it. […]

Cyber Bullying And Its Effects On Society And How It Affects It

School has finally begun and the vacation is out of the way. But how about the bullies and the concerned victims? Unlike current pupils in today […]

Essay on Staying Safe from Cyber-Crime

Before, when it came to those interested in the secrets of another, usually it began in trash cans. Picture a person digging and crawling through garbage […]

Cyber psychology and the shifting persona of the cyber citizen: Who is the self in the virtual world?

Cyber psychology and the shifting persona of the cyber citizen: Who is the self in the virtual world? The Internet has grown faster and has become […]

It's War in the Cyber-World Essay

The new internet legislation acts, SOPA and PIPA, are creating serious disputes between internet corporations and national authorities. Those acts seem to be hindering global freedom […]

Cyber Warfare And Its Effects On The World

Boom! The kinetic effect of a two-thousand pound “GBU-31” military designated “MK-84” bomb, possibly with a “BLU-109” penetrator on the nose cone with an embedded global […]

Cyber Security And Digital Forensics

Virtual Pickpocketing with NFC Malware Third Year Group Project Joseph Trimble, Eric Barnes, David Maddocks Submitted in part fulfilment for the degree of B.Sc. (Hons) in […]

Traditional Bullying and Cyber-Bullying

Bullying consistently takes place in person: the common actions often include teasing, taunting, humiliating, and sometimes showing acts of violence. Cyberbullying takes place online making it […]

Cyber Bullying Is A New Form Of Bullying

Since its introduction in the early 2000’s, social media has introduced a whole new world for socialization and sharing. The presence of social media in our […]

HOC Cyber Security Profiles

HOC Cyber Security Profiles Introduction Cyber security profiles (System Security Plans or SSP) are an essential component within an organizational security program. An Organizations Cyber security […]

The Cyber Defense Exercise Hosted By The National Security Agency

Knowledge of the techniques of the information security discipline, including encryption, access control, physical security, training, threat analysis, and authentication. As an Information Technology major at […]

Cyber Bullying And Its Effects On Children

The Internet is another media outlet that is abundant with violent content. Studies show that 90% of American teenagers use the Internet which is vastly unregulated […]

Cyber Crime Prevention Is Not Only A Continuing Problem

Applications Cyber Crime Prevention Internet security is not only a continuing problem, but an increasing one. Yet, many companies do not have adequate internet security measures […]

What is Cyber Relationship Addiction?

Introduction According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, addiction refers to the strong yet harmful need to constantly have something or to do something. As for cyber […]