Cyber Bullying in Schools

Twenty percent of high school students admit to being a victim and/or participating in cyberbullying (“Cyberbullying”). This form of bullying that takes place on the Internet, […]

Banning Personal Electronic Devices Is Not An Effective Way Of Stop Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying is a very apparent and serious problem throughout the world and importantly here in Canada and Walter Murray Collegiate Institute. According to, over […]

Cyber Crime

Cyber Crime and Security Submitted by: Ms.Poonam S. Ramteke (T.E C.S.E) [email protected](9923115394) K.I.T.’s College of Engineering. ABSTRACT : Society is becoming more dependent upon data and […]

Cyber Bullying And Its Effects

Cyber bullying as defined by (Mason, 2008, p, 325) is “an individual or a group wilfully using information and communication involving electronic technologies to facilitate deliberate […]

Cyber Security : A Important And Critical Issues Within The Business World

Cyber security is one of the most technologically advanced systems of the 21-century. This system has been primarily used for the protection of computer systems, networks […]

The Legion Of Cyber Crime

Davit Temurian English 115 M-W Dawahare 15 November 2014 Legion of Cyber Crime Black hat, grey hay, white hat, all terms to identify different classes or […]

Cyber Warfare And The United States Homeland Security

Thesis Statement The modernization and revolution of the information technology has awakened to a new down of information warfare, a threat that stubbornly dogs the United […]

Bullying Is Bad Traditional Or Cyber Bullying?

What is Worse Traditional -Bullying or Cyber Bullying What is Worse Traditional -Bullying or Cyber Bullying and Which is Worst Traditional or Cyber-Bullying? Patricia Spatcher Florida […]

Modern Terrorism and Cyber Terrorism Essay example

Terrorism is “the use of violence against people or property to force changes in societies or governments, strikes fear in the hearts of people everywhere.” Terrorism […]

Taking a Look at Cyber Crime

Once the two are connected, it paves way for crimes to be committed easily and at a faster rate an act which sometimes is referred to […]

Essay on Different Types of Cyber Bullying

Cyber Bullying Bullying is a bad thing but the worst of all the types of bullying is cyber bulling, it is a terrible weapon that can […]

Cyber Security Policies and Defense Contractors Essay

Abstract Cyber security policies in the private sector have been a challenging issue for major defense contractors, especially after recent attacks. As a result, the U.S. […]

Computer Security and Cyber Security

There are very few places that we go that are not in one way or another tied into cyberspace. On a small scale, things such as […]

The Role Of Social Media On Cyber Crime

The Role of Social Media in Cyber Crime In this essay I want to describe my research about the role of social media in cyber-crime. I […]

Cyber Criminals And The National Security

In these days, internet is more important than ever, and therefore, having security plans will, at least, make things challengeable for hackers. Dinicu (2014) claims that […]

Cyber Security : A New Form Of Crime

Cyber Security is considered to be one of the hot topics in modern era. It is a national security challenge that the United States and other […]

The Cyber Physical System Of Intelligent Manufacturing

level abstractions’ does not include the temporal dynamics, which means the interaction is difficult to achieve in real time. Therefore, it is arduous that building suitable […]

Cyber Bullying And Social Media

In today ‘s world Social Media is playing a key role on how youth interact and mature. Just a generation ago, the average person didn’t have […]

Combating Cyber Crime: Global Strategies and Cost

Combating Cyber Crime: Global Strategies and Cost Guillermo Dumois Florida International University Table of Contents Introduction 3 The Increase of Cyber Crime and Attacks 5 Motivations […]

A Research Project On Cyber Security

Research Proposal Document by Srinivas Vadthya GLS 470 Writing the Research Paper 11/04/2015 Cyber Security Introduction: – for my research project, I would like to explore […]

Cyber Bullying And Its Effect On Our Youth

Cyber-bulling “Cyber-bullying and its Effect on our Youth,” has released some useful information to American Osteopathic Association directed by unknown author and Dr. Jennifer N. Caudle, […]

Cyber Bullying : Bullying And Bullying

Shunnar Saleh Ms. Slyder and Mr. Salyards Modern Literature 5 May 2014 Bullying Bullying is like a disease, it stays within the schools, and community and […]

Cyber Security Attacks On Financial Institutions

For an extended period extending towards the end of 2014 until now, incidences of cyber security attacks on financial institutions have not only grown in number […]

Essay on Cyber-plagiarism

Cyber-plagiarism It’s two o’clock in the morning, you’re just one page into a 10-page term paper that’s due at eight o’clock. A few years ago, that […]

The Knowledge of Students at Conestoga College on Cyber Bullying

The purpose of the study was to find out if students are aware of the college policies, laws regarding the cyber bullying. The study about cyberbullying […]